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Visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

April 16th, 2022

Turpentine Creek Wildlife RefugeIf you like big cats and other beautiful animals, you’ll enjoy a visit to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Turpentine Creek has been rescuing exotic animals since the 1990’s. In fact, their 450+ acre refuge is the largest big cat sanctuary in the country!

There is no denying that tigers, leopards, and other big cats are spectacularly beautiful. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that these animals make terrible house pets. Not only can they be dangerously aggressive but they also require very specific diets and large, open habitats to remain healthy.

More often than not, those trying to make a pet out of a big, exotic animal end up needing to find it a different home. This is where sanctuaries like Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge come in.

Turpentine Creek is a non-profit organization that provides safe, healthy, life-long homes for these “unwanted” animals. and has been since the 1990’s. Over the years, Turpentine Creek has rescued numerous animals from life-threatening situations across the country. While some of these animals are homed elsewhere, most now live at the Turpentine Creek sanctuary.

Turpentine Creek is a true, non-profit animal sanctuary. They do not breed or sell animals, don’t sell animal parts, don’t allow hands-on interaction or cub petting, and don’t exhibit animals at shows. The refuge works hard to provides safe, healthy habitats for their animals and is accredited by the GFAS.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Oh, Wow!

Turpentine Creek Wildlife RefugeTurpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is located at 239 Turpentine Creek Lane in Eureka Springs, AR. This is just 15 minutes south of our Eureka Springs bed and breakfast, 5 OJo.

Turpentine Creek’s main claim to fame is rescuing big cats. Over the years, they’ve rescued tigers, lions, ligers, leopards, cougars, bobcats, and servals. Big cats are not all they rescue, however. In fact, you never know what you’ll see at the here. The 459 acre refuge is home to nearly 100 animals, including the occasional bear, coatimundi, hyena, macaw, and others.

Visitors to Turpentine Creek will enjoy a narrated, 45 minute, tram tour of the refuge. Your guide will tell you about the animals you see and their sometimes heartbreaking stories but don’t be sad. There is a happy ending: the animals ended up here!

After the tram tour, feel free to view some of the other, smaller animals in residence and visit the Turpentine Creek gift shop. Best of all, you can pay your entry fee knowing that the money goes towards helping to keep these beautiful animals healthy and happy.

30 Years of Rescuing Big Cats

Turpentine Creek Wildlife RefugeTurpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge celebrates their 30th anniversary in 2022 and you’re invited!

The festivities kick off with a Happy Hour at Eureka Springs Brewery on Friday, April 29th, at 4pm. Your ticket gets you 2 beers, a meal, and a chance to talk with refuge staff.

The next day, April 30th, 2022, sees 30th Anniversary festivities at the refuge. Vendors, magic, a live band, food trucks, and more. Support the refuge and have a lot of fun at the same time. Several ticket options are available.

Visit www.turpentinecreek.org for more information. You can also visit the refuge on Facebook.

Arkansas Breweries in Eureka Springs

November 13th, 2020

enjoy craft beer at Arkansas breweriesThe craft beer movement that transformed America didn’t pass by Arkansas – not by any means. In fact, the Eureka Springs area is home to two excellent Arkansas breweries.

For beer lovers, there’s nothing more exciting than a chance to sample fresh, locally produced craft beers. Small batch and craft beer brewers provide a unique glimpse into a region via the flavors their creations impart. In that respect, visiting a craft brewery is no different than visiting a winery or a restaurant featuring seasonal, locally-sourced foods.

That’s certainly true for the Arkansas breweries here in town. Eureka Springs is currently home to two craft breweries and a number of other venues offering local, regional, and national craft beers. Guests of our Eureka Springs bed and breakfast will enjoy the variety of options available right here in town!

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