Intrigue Theater

Fans of magic, illusion, or just a really fun time out will enjoy a visit to Intrigue Theater. World-renowned magicians Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay have been amazing and amusing audiences in Eureka Springs since 2011. Best of all, the theater is only a 4 minute walk from 5 Ojo!

You’ll find plenty to do and see during your visit to Eureka Springs, including lots of live entertainment. Few attractions, however, are as unique and captivating as what you’ll see at Intrigue Theater. The captivating performances of Sean-Paul and Juliane Fay will have you entertained and on the edge of your seat for the entire show. 

Impressively, their show has continued to amaze audiences and receive rave reviews for 13 years here in Eureka Springs. They’re not just a local phenomenon, though. They’ve also performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and been on numerous shows, such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us, America’s Got Talent, and Masters of Illusion.

This is particularly exciting for guests of 5 Ojo because the theater is literal minutes from our Eureka Springs bed and breakfast  – on foot! Consequently, you can enjoy one of their shows knowing your Eureka Springs home away from home is just steps, or a very, very short drive, away.

Eureka Springs’ Intrigue Theater

magic and illusion at Intrigue Theater

Intrigue Theater is located at 80 Mountain Street in Eureka Springs, AR. The theater is a historic, 110-year-old stone chapel, which has been converted into a 80 seat Victorian salon.

The performances, like the building they are presented in, hearken back to an earlier time: the Golden Age of Magic. Sean-Paul the Illusionist and Juliane Fay the Medium put everything they have into picture-perfect productions that astound and amuse even the most skeptical of viewers.

The two master magicians will defy your senses and leave you gasping with demonstrations of levitation, teleportation, the paranormal, and beyond. Even better, the stories and scenarios presented are historically accurate and filled with engaging humor. Their sell-out shows are one-of-a-kind experiences that you’ll be talking about for weeks. Don’t miss a chance to go!

Visit the theater website for tickets, times, and more information. You can also find it on Facebook.