Asparagus Guacamole Roll at Mountain Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Eureka Springs

Asparagus Guacamole Roll

Mountain Sushi Japanese Restaurant

In the old Subway building in Eureka Springs a new Japanese Restaurant has opened serving Asian Fusion Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is Mountain Sushi and it has quickly become one of our favorite lunch places. The other night we decided to try dinner. We started with an Asparagus and Guacamole Roll and OMG, what a mouthful of flavor. We had Chicken Tempura and Chicken Tempura Fajita for our main entrees and found them to be excellent.

We’ve tried a number of other dishes for lunch and have not found one we didn’t like. For lunch we usually get a Bento box (what a deal!). The Bento box gives you the entree (I love the Teriyaki Salmon), stir fried veggies, rice, salad or soup, and you can inexpensively add on an appetizer, which we usually do. We even tried the Spam Roll once (very good).

A passion for cooking

The owner, Andy Yang, has a passion for cooking and had been looking to open his own Japanese Restaurant in Eureka Springs. His family already owns a restaurant in town and this is his venture out on his own. One of the things he plans on doing is a monthly international roll. The Asparagus and Guacamole Roll was his Mexican take. He plans on an Alfredo roll, Greek roll and others and we will be going in to try them all.

Chicken Tempura Fajita at Mountain Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Chicken Tempura Fajita

Read what he wrote on his Facebook page about one of his new dishes. “In celebration of Spring, our newest creation is here!. The Shrimp Tempura Fruit Roll. It has shrimp tempura, cream cheese and mango on the inside. Banana and tempura flakes on the outside topped with Unagi sauce. It’s decorated with a fruit salad dressed in our mandarin orange sesame ginger dressing. ONLY $8.95!!!!” Yum, I think I’ll jump in the car and head out to Mountain Sushi right now.

When you are in Eureka Springs, let us know and we’ll guide you to the restaurant. You might also want to checkout their Facebook fan page. And if you need some accommodations to sleep off all that food, give us a call.