Our first experimental test for the Sweet Treats Cookie Tour began with Maida Heatter’s Chocolate-Nut Icebox Cookie. This is a easy recipe. The texture and the form of the cookie is very good, actually it’s excellent. As a matter of fact I feel that the texture improves the taste. My first batch of cookies did not produce a strong enough chocolate taste for me and I believe this is a result of the quality of cocoa used.

When I eat chocolate I want to taste the chocolate. I am going to try this cookie again, however I am now online figuring out how to place an order for Wilbur’s Cocoa. I have used their chocolate before and found that Wilbur’s produces a fantastic chocolate that delivers a chocolate taste like no other.

The next experimental test will be another one of Maida Heatter’s Chocolate recipes – stay tuned!

……..Jan (5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast)

Richard’s response: I know that Jan said there wasn’t enough chocolate flavor for her, but I and two other tasters snarfed our way through a couple dozen of these cookies and found them delightful. Bring on some more Jan!!