It was in the low 50s when I got up this morning and felt so good. Walking to work (ok, it’s only 30 feet to the kitchen but I call in walking so I can declare it as exercise), anyway, I looked up and knew that the trees were thinking, hummmmm, is it time to start displaying some bold fall colors? We sure hope so. Arkansas Highway 21 on the way to Eureka SpringsThe image to the left is on Arkansas Highway 21 on the way to Eureka Springs. It’s typical of fall views throughout the Ozarks and around the town.

We won’t be able to predict when the peak is until the leaves do begin changing color. But, change they will, and driving up to Eureka Springs on the Ozark mountain roads provides some spectacular views.

Can’t wait to sit out on one of the porches at the bed and breakfast with a hot cup of coffee, gazing up at the trees at the art that nature creates around here. Come share it with us!!

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