We use a lot of fresh herbs for our breakfasts at 5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast and for years now have grown our own. When the growing season is over we buy from the produce department of the local grocery stores. Not wanting to waste any herbs we have tried all the tricks to keep the herbs fresh for longer periods and finally found something that really works for us.

While visiting our daughter in Maryland, she showed us a product she bought that she raved about. She had a variety of different sizes of Tupperware FridgeSmart®. She said she had too many and offered a couple to us to take back to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Intrigued, we took them and have absolutely loved them.

Each container has two vent holes which you open or close depending on whether you are saving herbs, fruit, mushrooms or any number of different things. In the past when buying parsley it would last only a couple of days before wilting, sometimes a little longer. On our first test of the FridgeSmart® we had parsley which stayed very fresh for over two weeks. We tried a number of different items and have been impressed with how they stay fresher than just putting them in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. While a crisper drawer usually gives you a way to adjust the humidity, the vent holes on the Tupperware seems to work better for us.

Happy growing…..

5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast, Eureka Springs, Arkansas