The Eureka Springs Historical MuseumEureka Springs, AR has a rich and fascinating history filled with colorful characters and unusual events. Discover this for yourself with a visit to the Eureka Springs Historical Museum.

One visit to Eureka Springs’ downtown Historic District is all you really need to know there’s more than a little history in town. Downtown’s stunning collection of Victorian buildings make that readily apparent. Entrancing as it is, architecture is just one facet of Eureka Springs’ history. What else? Where to start?

Healing springs, Powell Clayton, The Artist’s Bridge, Myrtie Mae Barrett, Pond Mountain, and The Barefoot Ball. Eureka Springs transforming from a 10,000 person tent city into a Victorian Health Spa community with 54 luxury hotels.

These are just a few of the unique people, places, and things that are part of our unlikely Arkansas town’s storied history. Learn about them all and much more at the Eureka Springs Historical Museum.

Inside the Museum

The Eureka Springs Historical MuseumThe museum is located in the Eureka Springs downtown Historic District at 95 South Main Street. The building it is in is historic itself: the 1889 Calif House, which is also less than 5 minutes from the front door of or Eureka Springs inn, 5 Ojo Inn.

The museum has two floors two explore. Downstairs you’ll find permanent and rotating exhibits, historic photographs, artifacts, and more. Permanent exhibits focus on subjects like “Our Native American History”, “Eureka Springs, The City That Water Built”, “Fires-The Big Ones!,” and “Travel and Tourism.”

Upstairs you’ll discover more exhibits on topics like “Crescent College,” “The Original Ozark Folk Festival” and “Medicine.” You’ll also find an art gallery devoted to the artists that, led by the famed Louis and Elsie Freund, made Eureka Springs an artist’s colony in the 1930’s.

The Eureka Springs Historical Museum gift shopThe museum is also home to a Heritage Garden established in late 90s and early 2000s. The garden is loaded with colorful, heirloom bulbs and plants, like yellow mammoth crocus, jonquil, tommies, Bismarck hyacinth, and Eastern redbud.

The museum Gift Shop has a wide variety of books, post cards, jewelry, art, and souvenirs. Many of the shop’s offerings were created by local authors and artists.

Beyond the Eureka Springs Historical Museum

The museum is a great place to start but the art and history of Eureka Springs does not stop at its doorstep. Not by any means. In fact, Eureka Springs practically oozes history.

Discover more on a Eureka Springs Tram Tour or Underground Walking Tour. Visit unique and historic places like the St. Elizabeth Catholic Church and Quigley’s Castle.

Even our Eureka Springs bed and breakfast, 5 Ojo Inn, is steeped in history!

Learn more about the Eureka Springs Historical Museum on the museum website. You can also visit the museum on Facebook.