2015 Eureka Springs Festival of the ArtsAh, spring! The scent of growing things and the flash of the sun on green reminds us to get out and breathe anew – and so, too does MayFest: the month long Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts!

Eureka Springs is a lot of things to a lot of people but through it all runs an artistic, creative thread that serves as the lifeblood for much of the community. This historic arts village, tucked up in the Ozarks of Northern Arkansas, gives fully over to the lively undercurrent of the arts during the entire month of May: MayFest!

More formally known as the Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts, this annual, month-long celebration includes not just the exhibition of the visual arts – painting, sculpture, fiber, and film – but also music, food, performance, demonstration, instruction, and more!

Take a look at a few highlights from the 2015 Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts schedule:

Studio 62 – New Plein Air Paintings by Jody Stephenson.
Jody Stephenson is one of Studio 62’s signature artists as well as a co-founder of the Plein Air Painters of Eureka Springs. Plein Air Painters of Eureka Springs meet every week during painting season to paint in and around Eureka Springs. Jody’s paintings from these sessions will be on display at the gallery throughout the month of May.

Paradise Pottery – Big Pot USA
Jim Wallace is making the world’s biggest pot as well as the equipment needed to turn and fire it! Come see the creation of the world’s biggest pot, Thursdays through Mondays, 10am to 4pm, at Paradise Pottery. Paradise Pottery’s ceramics gallery contains many of Jim Wallace’s portable ceramic creations, so be sure to take a look!

Phunkberry Music Festival – May 7th through the 10th
Phunkberry Music Festival is a Funk festival and a disco dance party all rolled up into one! A Deadhead Production held at The Farm in Eureka Springs, Phunkberry Music Festival is scheduled to present 15 artists, including Dumstaphunk and the Bernie Worrell Orchestra! phunkberry.com

A Taste of Art: A Visual Feast
All month long in Eureka Springs, several of the city’s finest restaurants and visual artists will team up to display works by the featured artist as well as serve delicious, local fare. Participating restaurants include:
Cottage Inn, 450 W. Van Buren
DeVito’s of Eureka Springs, 5 Center Street
Emporium at Farm-to-Table FRESH, 179 N. Main
Grand Taverne, 37 N. Main
Caribe, 309 W. Van Buren

We’ve Barely Scratched The Surface
Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts 2015 takes up the entire month of May and very nearly the entire town of Eureka Springs, so clearly I’ve not told you about everything you’ll be able to see and do during this wonderful, annual festival. Be sure to visit the Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts website for further details.

Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts 2015

The Entire Month of May
For a full listing of all the events scheduled for the 2015 Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts: eurekaspringsfestivalofthearts.com

Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts Lodging
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