For a few years now, every time we drive Highway 62 from Eureka Springs to Bentonville we have passed a chocolate store. The other day it was overcast and raining a little and we thought it might be a little sunnier with a few chocolates in our hand so we stopped. OMG!! We found a little piece of chocolate heaven right outside of Eureka Springs by the name of Martin Greer’s Candies. They’ll become a part of our bed and breakfast fare.

We had a very interesting talk with Martin about his shop. He learned his candy making craft from his father who started making candy on his farm in 1924. Some of the equipment he uses is 80-100 years old. It was incredible.

Martin’s candies are made fresh with real chocolate, sweet cream butter, dry roasted nuts plus other flavorings and he doesn’t use preservatives.

We did buy some candy and we’d show you a picture of the chocolates we bought but they’re no where to be found. Hummmmm, now where could they have gone to?

Jan is looking into a 12-step chocoholic program for Richard. Richard took a chocoholic test and discovered he is only a Closet Chocoholic so is looking into a 10-step program for acquiring more chocolate.