Miss Ojo - Eureka Springs Queen KittyDoes this look like a Black Panther to you? Perhaps not, but in her mind, she’s a stealth hunter. Just ask her. She’s Mojo (a.k.a. Miss Ojo), and she considers herself the protector of the inn and likes to keep this corner of Eureka Springs safe for guests.

Here’s one of Mojo’s adventures. Jan told a guest that Mojo was like a black panther, stalking things large and small. While relaxing on their deck, the guest saw Mojo stalk a deer. She’d crouch down, scoot forward silently and then turn into a wimpy ball of fur when the deer turned toward her. The guest wrote about this black panther hunt in their room guestbook. A few weeks later during breakfast Jan shouted into the kitchen that the black panther was at it again (that was Richard’s cue to go rescue something from Mojo). A guest, who had read those comments from the previous guest, punched her husband in the shoulder and said, “See, I told you they had black panthers here”. We all had a good laugh after we explained that the black panther was a 10 pound cat with fantasies of grandeur.

It’s good to know that 5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast has a Queen Cat watching over our accommodations.