Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a very pet friendly town. I think everyone in town must have 2 or more pets and the town folk probably know the names of the dogs walking down the street but may not know their owner’s names. So we were impressed when one of the guests at 5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast opened up their hearts and adopted a new friend to take home.

We have two pet friendly rooms here at 5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast and one of them was rented to two young people who brought their dog with them. He was friendly and quiet. While our guests were exploring the area outside of town they came across a collar-less dog which had obviously been abandoned. It was skittish and you could tell it hadn’t eaten in quite a while. They called us to see if we could help figure out what to do with the dog. We told them to bring the dog back and we’d call our local animal control officer to help.

They arrived back in town with a small mixed breed dog, maybe 8 to 10 pounds. We found a spare collar and tethered the dog outside (which I nicknamed Eagle because they found the dog at War Eagle, Arkansas) and called the animal control officer who said she would be by a little later. While we waited Jan brought out some food and water. Poor Eagle hadn’t eaten in a while because she ate like there was no tomorrow. At one point Eagle saw our dogs and slipped out of her collar to go see them. So we played hide and seek with Eagle for a few minutes before putting her in a kennel.

The guests wanted to wait for the officer to ensure she would be able to find Eagle a good home so they held off going to dinner. When the officer arrived she said the dog was older and needed some care from a veterinarian. Our guests were concerned Eagle may not be able to be put into a good home. So after talking to the officer they said they would pick up the dog the next day from ‘doggy jail’ and take it home with them to nurse it back to health.

The next day we gave them directions to Walmart so they could buy a small kennel. After buying the kennel and picking up the dog they came back to the bed and breakfast later in the afternoon and we helped shampoo and dry Eagle. She was looking better already and was a little more trusting.

Eventually our guests packed up their luggage, their family dog and their new friend Eagle and drove off to Kansas City. We salute our guests for saving Eagle. It’s just one of the many reasons why we love our guests. They are all great people.

5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast, Eureka Springs, AR.