Great Ozarkan Beard Off - GOBO 2015The Great Ozarkan Beard Off – also known as GOBO and scheduled for November 27th through 29th, 2015 – is a three day festival in celebration of outstanding facial hair with proceeds going towards Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Whether you have a fantastic beard or are just a fan of facial hair, you won’t want to miss this signature, Eureka Springs event!

In recent years, November has become known to many as “Movember” for many men as they let their moustaches grow during the month to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Well, as you may or may not know, Eureka Springs likes to go its own unique way much of the time and, in this particular instance, does so by doubling down on the facial hair front with GOBO – The Great Ozarkan Beard Off!

Now, don’t get that confused: “The Great Ozarkan Beard Off” does not mean that beards will be coming off. Oh, far from it! No, the “off” in this instance indicates a contest.

Categories for the Eureka Springs Great Ozarkan Beard Off include:

Santa Beard
Natural Moustache
Imperial Moustache
Freestyle Moustache
Urban Amish
Full Beard, Natural
Full Beard, Styled Moustache
Full Beard, Freestyle
Partial Beard
Partial Beard, Styled Moustache
Partial Beard, Freestyle
Fake Beard

Yes, you read that correctly: with the “Fake Beard” category even the facial-follically challenged can enter to win. In other words, the Great Ozarkan Beard Off is for anyone and everyone. Participation in the Great Ozarkan Beard Off is easy, with a small, $10 entry fee and a pain-free registration process that you can get through in as little as ten minutes before the event.

Prizes will be awarded for each category and an overall winner will also be chosen. Best of all, the proceeds from the Great Ozarkan Beard Off go towards the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation!

While GOBO 2015 has yet to announce a full schedule, past Great Ozarkan Beard Off’s have included live music, a beer garden, opening and closing ceremonies, and more.

Great Ozarkan Beard Off

November 27th through 29th, 2015
For more information, including updated schedules, be sure to visit or the GOBO Facebook page

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