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Have an Intimate Wedding in Eureka Springs Arkansas

July 15th, 2013

Are you looking to have a small but elegant wedding service in Eureka Springs? Allow us to assist you! We have beautiful surroundings, both indoors and out, for a small wedding ceremony. One of the best parts of holding your ceremony at the 5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast: We can plan everything for you. So, just give us a call, explain what your perfect ceremony looks like and we can put it together for you!

We also have a few options for pre-arranged wedding packages. Here is the run down:

Sweet & Simple:

  • Ceremony on the gazebo deck or in the Victorian Parlor
  • Licensed minister
  • Photographs with your camera
  • Invite 2 guests to share the occasion with you ($10 for each additional guest up to eight)Weddings at 5 Ojo Bed and Breakfast
  • $125 ($99 for B&B guests)

Intimate & A Little More:

  • Indoor or Outdoor venue use
  • Licensed Minister
  • Photographs with your camera
  • Two keepsake glasses with sparkling non-alcoholic beverage
  • Small, traditional wedding cake
  • Invite 4 guests to share the occasion with you ($10 for each additional guest up to eight)
  • $189 ($159 for B&B guests)

A Wedding & A Honeymoon:

  • Two nights in a Jacuzzi suite
  • Elegant homemade breakfasts each morning
  • Use of indoor or outdoor venue for ceremony
  • Licensed minister
  • Photographs with your camera
  • Keepsake glasses and sparkling non-alcoholic beverage
  • Small, traditional wedding cake
  • Romantic horse-drawn carriage ride
  • Invite 4 guests to share the occasion with you ($10 for each additional guest up to eight)
  • Add-ons and room upgrades available. See our Eureka Springs wedding packages page for more details.
  • $510 ($530 in October)


  • Two nights in a Jacuzzi suite
  • Elegant homemade breakfasts each morning
  • Dinner for two at a fine dining restaurant in Eureka Springs
  • Romantic horse-drawn carriage ride
  • Couples one-hour massages
  • Seasonal fresh flowers in your room
  • Add-ons and room upgrades available.
  • $545 ($565 in October)

Come and celebrate this most special of occasions with us!


Take a Eureka Springs Vacation this Winter

January 9th, 2013

Many people wait for summer to plan a weekend getaway or staycation in their area. But the doldrums of long winter months make this time of year perfect for a couple of nights out of the ordinary.

Here are our suggestions for a great Eureka Springs two-day vacation!

Fresh Flowers in your Room: Add something extra special to the room so upon your arrival you are greeted by bright, fragrant flowers. Set the stage for a luxurious stay!

Delicious & Romantic Dinners: If you’re local, great! You don’t have to drive far to get to the Inn. Otherwise, we have great suggestions for dinner locations that serve dinner late. Whether you enjoy ethnic food, something more traditional, or upscale, we would love to help you select the right spot!

restaurants in Eureka Springs

Emilio’s is a favorite place for Italian!

Stay in a Jacuzzi Room: After dinner, relax and soak in a Jacuzzi tub in one of our romantic rooms. Share the tub, scrub each others backs and let the winter wash off you! We still have two Jacuzzi tub rooms available for Valentine’s Day.

Take a Carriage Ride: Enjoy the relaxing pace that life moved at until the invention of the automobile. There are few things more romantic than cuddling in the back of carriage while listening to the methodical ‘clip clop’ of horse hoofs on pavement.

Shop for Antiques and Visit Galleries: Downtown Eureka Springs is full of lively shopping and browsing. Nearby antique shops include Crystal Gardens Antiques, The Old Sale Barn and Inspiration Point Antiques. Local galleries near the Inn include 83 Spring Street Gallery, Quicksilver (good place for jewelry) and Fusion Squared Gallery. In fact, there are close to a dozen galleries on nearby Spring Street! Stroll the streets, enjoy a hot coffee and a tasty lunch at your pace.

We hope to see you in Eureka Springs soon!


15 Commandments of Vacation Travel

June 24th, 2011

We have been planning our own vacation and thought these fifteen commandments of vacation travel were worthwhile to pass on to our guests and readers. They were originally published by Sandy Soule, a travel writer and speaker.

We all know people who come back from a vacation feeling on top of the world, and others who seem vaguely disappointed. Here’s how to put yourself in the first category, not the second.

Know yourself. A successful vacation is one that works for the person you are, not the person you think you should be. Acknowledge your own comfort levels. Are independence and flexibility top concerns? Or being structured and secure? How essential are the creature comforts when it comes to sleeping, eating, and bathing? And remember that while your personality doesn’t change, your needs do. The type of vacation you plan for a romantic getaway is totally different from a family reunion.

Know your travel companions. Adjust your plans to accommodate your travel partners. Whether you are traveling with friends, spouse, children, and/or parents, you’ll need to take their age, attention span, agility, and interests into account.

Plan ahead: anticipation is half the fun. Enjoy the planning process. The more you know about an area you’re going to visit, the more fun you’ll have. Check out destination websites; skim a guidebook; read a novel or watch a movie set in the region; talk to friends who have been there recently.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Keep your itinerary in line with the amount of time and money available. Focus on seeing a smaller area well, rather than trying to cover too much ground and seeing nothing but interstate highways. Don’t over-program; allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing.

Avoid one-night stands. Plan to stay a minimum of two nights everywhere you go. A vacation made up of one-nighters is a prescription for exhaustion. You will sleep poorly, spend most of your time packing/unpacking and in transit, and will get only the smallest glimpse of the place you’re visiting.

Travel off-season. Unless your vacation dates are dictated by the school calendar, off-season travel offers many advantages: fewer crowds, greater flexibility, reduced costs, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Learn to pick the best dates for off-season travel; typically these are the weeks just before and after seasonal rates change.

Book well ahead for peak season travel. If you must travel during peak periods to popular destinations, make reservations well in advance for the key sites to avoid aggravation, extra phone calls, and additional driving time.

Take the road less traveled. Get off the beaten path and leave the crowds behind. Instead of booking a room in the heart of the action, find a quiet getaway tucked in the hills or in a neighboring village.

Ditch the car. You’ll need a car to get most destinations, but once you’re there, get out and walk. You’ll see more, learn more, experience more at every level, while avoiding crowds at even the most popular destinations.

Hang loose. The unexpected is inevitable. When your plans go astray (and they will), relax and let serendipity surprise you. And keep your sense of humor in good working order. If possible, travel without reservations or a set itinerary.

Carpe diem–seize the day. Don’t be afraid to follow your impulses. If a special souvenir catches your eye, buy it; don’t wait to see if you’ll find it again later. If a hiking trail looks too inviting to pass up, don’t; that museum or outlet mall will wait for a rainy day.

Don’t suffer in silence. When things go wrong–an incompetent guide, car troubles, a noisy room–speak up. Politely but firmly express your concern then and there; get your room changed, ask for a refund or discount, whatever. Most people in the travel business would rather have you go away happy than to leave grumbling.

Remember–being there is more than seeing there. People travel to see the sights–museums and mountains, shops and scenery–but it is making new friends that can make a trip memorable. Leave a door open to the people-to-people experiences that enrich travel immeasurably.

Don’t leave home to find home. The quickest way to take the wind out of the sails of your trip is to compare things to the way they are at home. Enjoy different styles and cultures for what they are and avoid comparisons and snap judgments.

Give yourself permission to disregard all of the above. Nothing is immutable. If you find a pattern that works for you, enjoy it!

Richard and Jan…….5 Ojo Inn Bed and Breakfast